Tent Structure Additions

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hex bell end
hex end

Hexagonal Bell End available with clear roof and walls. This makes a stunning addition to any marquee for a wedding or formal event. Ideal to place your wooden parquet dance floor under so your guests can dance under the stars. The Hex End, as it’s referred to, is available for the 9m wide structures only.

Please note, at present we are unwilling to install our black & white or starlight dance floor under the clear roof panels due to the potential heat build up during midday hours if it is hot and sunny outside.

9m Clear Roof Cone

We can incorporate a clear roof cone into the roof of the 9m wide marquee.

Cone Porchway

The cone structure makes an ideal entrance porch to the main marquee

Cone Structure Addition

The cone roof also makes an ideal addition to a linked area such as lounge, bar or chill-out area

clear pvc

Clear Roof and Wall Panels are available for the 9m and 12m wide structures. Clear Walls are available for the 6m wide structures. The clear roof looks fabulous and is very desirable though we advise clients to take weather conditions into account when deciding to use during daytime events, especially for the meal. During summer months we advise you to separate the marquee into two areas, one with solid roof and linings for the seated meal, and the other for the reception, bar and entertainment area. Marquee sides can be fully removed or rolled up to allow for extra airflow during hot weather too.

Service tent

Service Tent or Catering Tent is an additional linked area for caterers to prepare food and store equipment. Depending on how may guests ate being catered for or how much kitchen equipment the caterers need to use will depend on the size offered. We are happy to discuss catering companies requirements directly with them to ensure everything is covered. Catering area will include Gridmat flooring, an installed strip lighting unit and 4x trestle tables as standard.

We do NOT supply catering equipment or tableware ourselves. We can recommend CSE Hire in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire

Additional Tent Structures can be added to the main tent to create areas for chill out zone, kids entertainment or a separate bar area.

You may also wish to include a covered walkway from main building or car park and/or tent cover for the toilet block if weather conditions look bad.