Are the marquees insured?

One of our most common FAQ is regarding insurance. We carry full Public and Employers Liability insurance. So if there is a problem with the structure collapsing or blowing away then we are liable. However we are not covered for security once we have left the site. If there is any vandalism, fire damage or theft of a marquee or equipment during the hire period then the liability will rest with the hirer. Some of our clients take out an insurance policy independently, others use security guards. We can also offer an accidental damage waiver fee (terms apply)

What are the lighting options?

Chandelier lighting: the most popular form of marquee lighting. They can be controlled with a dimmer to create a more ambient effect later in the evening

Festoon lighting is a popular option. Supplied with white cabling and golf ball lamps in Warm White. Also available with black cabling for exterior use

Fairy lighting, our newest addition, white pea cable with Warm White LED bulbs creates a lovely atmosphere in the marquee, especially effective with our clear roof and wall panels

Globe lanterns: a popular choice is to use globe lanterns, either white, ivory or coloured globes available in a range of sizes, we can also supply exterior globe lanterns to create a magical night-time atmosphere

Ambient colour wash: to create an atmospheric effect set to static colour, slow change colour or sound active. The lights are LED so do not get hot and so we can conceal them behind the marquee linings so the whole marquee can glow in as much or as little colour as you wish. Can produce either a subtle or dramatic effect which is controlled via a simple controller

Exterior colour wash: use exterior floodlights to illuminate outside features such as trees, buildings or simply colour wash the outside of the marquee

Star-light linings: black out and star light linings will produce an amazing effect to any event, completely transforming the marquee into a sophisticated nightclub atmosphere

Mirror ball and spot: we can supply a large 20″ mirror ball with motor and spot light to add a sparkle to the occasion

Special effects: a range of effects are available including hazer, snow machine, low level fogger, strobe, UV, lasers, colour changers, retro effect oil projector, and disco lighting

What linings are available?

Our standard lining is pleated ivory. You can personalise your marquee with coloured swags, which come in a variety of colours to match your colour scheme: red, black, gold, silver, purple, lilac or ivory. Other colours can be ordered in.

Window drapes and overlays are available in a full range of colours

Star cloth back drops in black or white can be also be supplied

We can also supply fabric bunting in both bright or pastel colours and patterns

Can we open the marquee sides if it is a hot day?

Yes, the sides can either be fully removed or unzipped and rolled up depending on the type of marquee sides we are using. Window sides are also available at no extra cost. We also supply max clear window sides which are completely clear for a panoramic view. Roof panels and gable ends can also be supplied in clear pvc

Can you heat a marquee in cold weather?

Yes, we use powerful blow heaters that stand outside the marquee and blow hot air into the marquee through a vent. They can heat a large tent in around 15 minutes and are then controlled thermostatically

What if the marquee site is sloping / uneven?

This all depends on the degree of the slope. Wooden ring beam flooring can be used to create a flat; level surface where ground is uneven. We can also build up a raised wooden floor using packing blocks to level a slope. A site visit will be necessary to assess the work involved prior to final quotation

Can you put a marquee on a hard standing surface?

Yes, although we still need to secure it to the ground. Some hard surfaces will still enable us to use stakes or in certain cases we can use guys ropes or drill holes to secure the structure using 10mm bolts, this causes minimal damage to the surface. In cases where absolutely no drilling or staking can take place we can use IBC water weights depending upon site and structure size, and as long as there is an on-site water source to fill the IBCs

How long is the marquee left up for?

Most events happen over the weekend. We would normally complete install by the Thursday and remove on or shortly after the day following the event. If necessary we can allow an extra day or so at no extra cost if it fits in with our schedule. We are also willing to work within stricter time limits where necessary as long as prior written notice has been given and agreed on. During particularly busy periods, especially if weather conditions are extreme, we may need to install earlier than planned. We will always liaise with you to arrange this, but if there are any restrictions on when we can access site, this needs to be made clear at time of booking

Do you provide Toilets?

We can recommend local companies who can deliver to the site, from a basic portable toilet or wedding portable toilet, to a luxury executive toilet block for a party of 500 people. We have excellent relationships with several local portable toilet companies from whom we work closely with, so we can advise you on the best option to suit your event and budget, and we will work with them to arrange the best location and delivery time

We recommend approx. 1x portable toilet per 50 guests

How many guests can be seated at the tables?

3ft round tables seat 4

4ft round tables seat between 4-6

5ft round tables seat between 8-10

5ft 6″ round tables seat 10

6ft long tables seat 6 (3 either side)

18ft top table seats 8-10

How big should I have the marquee?

One of the most important aspects when planning a function in a temporary structure is getting the correct size. If the marquee is too large, it can feel as if not enough people have attended, too small and people are cramped for space. Through our many years of experience, we can recommend the amount of space you will require. For functions such as weddings etc, we advise 15 square feet per person. For functions where the guests are standing or seated in a theatre style, we recommend 6 square feet per person. Additional area may be required for dance floors etc. We recommend 2½ square feet per person for dance floors. The addition of smaller reception tents can be a good addition to a function allowing guests to meet each other and socialize before the main event proceeds. If your event is catered, you may require an area for the caterers to work in. The size of this would depend on what type of meal is served and how it is to be prepared. The best way to gauge the size required would be to ask the caterer how much space they need

Can you advise on electricity?

Yes. Firstly we will advise you on the safest and most cost effective method of providing power to the marquee – either from the Mains Supply in a nearby building, via a distribution board or from a generator.

After discussing power requirements of your caterers and other suppliers, and we will recommend a suitable size generator to ensure that there is more than enough overall supply such that there is not an overload in the middle of your event, and it goes without saying that all our equipment is regularly safety tested

What safety issues should I consider?

Major considerations when organizing an event, particularly for general public safety. Our temporary structures and linings are all BS standard. The aluminium framework and stage decking have had structural calculations performed on them by a leading structural engineer and easily conform to British Building Standards. The PVC and material used for the covers and linings, conform to the latest British Standards for fire retardancy. Where required we can supply Risk Assessments and Method Statements

What are your payment terms?

We ask that our clients pay 25% of the total price to secure any booking. The full cleared balance is then due by delivery date

Are site visits free of charge?

Yes, and we can be available on evenings or at weekends if that suits you better