Marquee Lighting

Range of Marquee Lighting Options

Fairy lights

Fairy lighting can be used simply with some warm white up lighters or used to create a stunning effect alongside colour wash lighting. Chandeliers can be added for extra light during meal and then dimmed afterwards.

fairy light colour wash
festoon lighting
festoon clear pvc

Festoon Lighting available with warm white golf ball lamps. These give more light than the fairy lighting and are a great alternative to the traditional chandelier lighting.

globe lanterns clear pvc marquee
festoon lanterns

Globe lanterns can be used as just décor or attached to the festoon lighting to illuminate. Supplied in a wide range of colours, white or ivory. A range of sizes also available.


Traditional Chandelier lighting is the perfect choice. Can be used with dimmer after meal for a more ambient effect

Crystal chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers available to use with colour wash, these can also be set to warm white

colour wash

Colour Wash Lighting is extremely popular. This can be easily controlled using a simple IR remote control unit. Choose colour, brightness, or even set it to sound activated for later in the evening to change colour in time to music