Covid-19 Emergency Drive Thru Structures

Covid-19 Drive Thru Structures

During this difficult time with social distancing necessary outdoor drive thru temporary structures are required more often. We can supply a range of sizes for long-term hire periods throughout Wales

Structures supplied throughout the pandemic

We have been installing long-term drive thru or drive-in structures for Medical Centres and Doctor Surgeries throughout Wales. Social distancing practised by our installation team at all times. Outdoor covered temporary marquee structures are vital as emergency COVID-19 covered areas to treat patients or supply drive-thru testing for members of the public during this period.


During the first few months of the pandemic we supplied COVID-19 emergency drive-in and drive-thru structures to a number of surgeries and medical centres throughout Wales with the Help of 4x4 Response South Wales

A big thank you to the lads for assisting after some tent installation and health and safety training. 


4x4 Response South West Wales are currently looking for volunteers to join their ever-increasing team of Responders.

Specific training will be provided to anyone wishing to join our group.

4x4 Response South West Wales provide support to a number of agencies during inclement weather and various other challenges including most recently COVID19.
If you know of anyone that might be interested please point them in our direction. There are also a number of roles within our group that don’t even require you to own a 4x4.

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