Clear Marquee Roof & Walls

Clear Marquee Roof & Walls

The latest feature to take off in the marquee world is the clear panelled marquee. Whether that is a marquee with a completely clear roof and gable ends, fully clear walled, or a marquee with one section clear while the other remains with the standard solid walls. The effect can be stunning. Should the event take place during summertime we do advise clients that although it will look fantastic, should you be planning a day-time sit down meal for your guests it could be preferable to split the marquee into sections - a covered section for the day time meal, with the clear section for the evening event. Should the event take place during a milder time of year then this would not be an issue.

clear wedding marquee

One of our wedding marquee installations at the Bishop's Palace at St David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire.

Due to this event taking place in a rather mild September the clear roof was suitable for use over the seating area, though the clients wished to keep the stage and dance floor area covered. This area was lined with black-out starlight linings to create two very different areas within the one structure.

A variety of interiors can be installed depending on your requirements. More details can be found on our Interiors page

We also supply staging for live bands or entertainment.

clear pvc

A fully clear marquee with reveal curtain lowered to hide the stage and dance floor area during the day time meal. This was then raised in the evening to reveal the night's entertainment to the clients guests.

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