Dance Floors

Our Range of Speciality Dance Floors


star light dance floorBlack LED Starlight Dance Floor

New to the range are our polished LED star light dance floors that will bring a sparkle to your event.

Our black or white dance floors are available with white LEDs which can be set to static or variable twinkle settings. The dance floors are available for hire in multiples of 2ft x 2ft (600mm x 600mm). Flooring sections interlock to provide a smooth, level dance floor. These floors can be linked with the other listed floors, including the Pure Black, Pure White and Black & White dance floors.

The LED star light floor comes complete with a simple to use 4 channel controller which will create a stunning effect for your event.


starlight dance floorWhite LED Starlight Dance Floor

Also available in white. As the with the black dance floors these are available with white LEDs which can be set to static or variable twinkle settings.







chequered dance floorBlack & White Chequered Dance Floor

Our Black and White dance floors produce a stunning effect for any event. The interlocking design of the panels ensures we can produce a smooth flat surface with no concerns of panels separating.

The brilliant elegance of a black and white dance floor will bring dramatic effect to your wedding or special occasion event. Chequered dance floors have always been and are still now an extremely popular choice.

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black dance floorPure Black Dance Floor

This brilliant polished pure black dance floor is perfect for any event. This jet black dance floor is supplied polished, delivered and professionally fitted by our skilled staff, to your chosen venue.

This pure black dance floor is available in individual sections of 2ft x 2ft (600mm x 600mm). The unique interlocking design ensures a solid flat surface. Make a your event one to remember with this quality pure black dance floor.




white dance floorWhite Dance Floor

The white dance floor is striking and will brighten up your venue. They can be used for almost any occasion from weddings and parties to exhibitions.

Our pure white dance floor will add a stunning effect to your special occasion. Great for the ‘Newly Weds’ to take their first dance.

The unique interlocking system ensures you will always have a smooth, level dance surface. Fitted with angled aluminium edging to avoid tripping hazard and enhance the appearance chequered dance floor.




Traditional Parquet Dance Floor

Wooden Parquet dance floors will provide your event with sophistication and elegance and can be seen in many top hotels and venues.

Our solid wooden Parquet dance floors can be fitted into most indoor venues and marquees.

The wooden parquet dance floors are highly lacquered and polished for a very hard wearing and beautiful finish.

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